Common Questions

Team Order Questions

What is the minimum number of rings required in order to qualify for promotion?

The $189 promotion includes a minimum of six rings. If we do not reach five rings, then we will need to re-quote based upon the quantity of orders received.

Do we pay a deposit?

On team orders, we require a minimum of $100 per ring deposit to start production. The remaining balance is due before the ring ships to you.

How do I get the players on the team sized?

We can send you some metal sizers. Typically, the team will have a meeting, and everybody will try on the sizers. Somebody from the team can email us the sizes and individual player information. Those who can’t make it to the team meeting typically go to Walmart, Target, or a local jewelry store. We all use the same universal sizers. 

Or you can click this link to download our self-sizing paper sizer. **We do recommend using the metal sizer but this can be done as a last option. Link

How long does it take for us to get the rings?

Custom championship rings typically take 8-10 weeks to craft. In some instances they might take a little longer, but that is rare.

When is payment due?

Remaining balance is due prior to shipment.

Can we do multiple top sizes?

You can; however, every time we make changes to the top of the ring, we will need to give you an additional quote. Sometimes those changes force us to create a second design with our machines, which depending on the quantity, could cost more per ring.

Now that we have the design the way we like it, what's the next step?

Your sales rep will walk you through the process. We promise to make this very easy for your team.

What if players want to order at a later time?

Players can submit an "add on" order at any time after the original order closes. In some circumstances there may be additional charges that apply. They will also be responsible for their own shipping cost. All add-on orders require full payment upfront.

What do coaches put on the side of their rings instead of the number and position?

Up to three helmet characters are allowed. Coaches typically put HC, AC, DC, #1 in place of a number. Other times this spot is left blank. Up to five characters are allowed in the lower banner or under the main design on the side of the ring. Coaches typically put COACH, HC, year-date, or motto. Any five characters will work.

When the whole team doesn't buy in to getting rings they ask what happens if we only order X amount of rings? Is there a minimum?

Our promotions includes a minimum of 8 rings. If we do not reach 8 rings, we will need to re-quote based upon the quantity of orders received. I'll do my best to fit you into the best promotion I can.

How does my team get sized?

We will send you sizer packets for each member of your team. This packet will give you step by steps instructions on how to size your finger. We make this process very easy for you and your team. We do have promotions that include a rep visiting your school or organization.

How do you collect when the rings are done? Do I have to do all that work in getting checks?

With the players who have originally paid with credit cards, we will automatically charge their remaining balances on an agreed upon date. We contact the rest of players with balances before the rings are finished to collect payment. We make this process as simple as possible.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made the following ways:
Online here.
800-273-8124ext. 1
Mail: SCR, 4535 Normal Blvd #195, Lincoln, NE 68506

I lost my ring. Can you replace it?

If you purchased the ring through us in the last 5 years, we have your order information on file. We can also manufacture a new ring accordingly.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can login to your online account to check your order status at anytime.

Can I order one ring?

Yes, please contact questions@signaturechampions.com to get connected with a rep and for pricing inquiries. 

How to access my team's store?

The Coach or Team Lead on your Team order will have a store link to share with you. Please visit that link to order your ring/products. If you have trouble obtaining this link please reach out to our customer chat or email us at questions@signaturechampions.com. 

Payment Option Questions

How much do we have to pay up front?

Remaining balance is due prior to shipment.

In the past, we always did it a certain way. So, can we keep the process the same in terms of deposit per ring and shipping partials?

We feel like we have really simplified the order-taking process to remove the headaches and confusion. We are happy to walk you through those steps when you're ready. Nobody makes the process easier on the coaches and players than we do.

Who will be responsible for collecting the balances owed for the rings?

We make this process very easy on the team and coaches. With the players who have originally paid with credit cards, they can approve us to automatcially charge their remaining balances. We contact the rest of players with balances before the rings are finished to collect payment. We take pride in taking these headaches away from the coaches and administration.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made the following ways:
Online: www.signaturechampions.com/make-a-payment
800-273-8124 ext. 1
Mail: SSJ, 4535 Normal Blvd #195, Lincoln, NE 68506

How many rings can I get for free?

We offer 1 free ring per every 25 rings ordered in our most popular promotion. We have other promotions available if you're in need of more free rings. (Typically, the price per ring will go up with these other promotions).

What kind of warranty do these rings have?

We offer a full limited lifetime warranty on all rings we make. We carry the best warranty in the industry on our rings.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

What happens if we don't like the rings when we receive them?

If you don't like the rings when they come in, you don't pay! No other company is willing to take this bold of a risk on their rings. That's how confident we are that the rings will exceed your expectations!

Emblem Questions

I need a special emblem made. Is this possible?

Yes! If you can imagine it, we can make it. Fill out this form to get started. 

I need special wording around the stone (on the bezel). Is this possible?

Yes! Fill out this form to get started. Our designers are ready to bring your dream design to life. 

Is side one on the left or the right?

When looking at the ring face to ring, side 1 is on the left; side 2 is on the right.

Engraving Questions

How are the engravings aligned?

Your rep can answer this question.

Do you engrave lower case letters on the sides?

Your rep can answer this question.

What engravings are prohibited?

Your rep can answer this question.

Ring Questions

How do I determine my ring finger size?

If you received one of our plastic ring sizers, please click this link to see a video on how to correctly size your finger. 



If we shipped a ring sizer to your team or organization we suggest sizing your finger with them. If your team or organization does not have a sizer we strongly suggest that you visit a local professional jeweler and have your finger sized. If this is a gift for a loved one, we suggest taking a ring that you know fits them, and have it sized by a professional jeweler.

Another option is to print off this ring finger size sheet below and follow the instructions. 


How do I know what side is the left side or the right side?

Think of the ring sitting on a table, facing you, with the bottom of the bezel closest to the table. The left side or side 1 will be on the left. And the right side or side 2 will be on the right. 

I lost my ring. Can you replace it?

If you purchased the ring through us, we have your order information on file. We can manufacture a new ring accordingly. Contact us for more details so we may make payment arrangements with you.

I need to make a change to a ring I just ordered. Is this possible?

Changes may be made within 48 hour of the order. If changes are needed after this time frame, additional charges may apply.

What are crest stones? What are pave stones?

The crest is the emblem in the panel of the ring. Pave stones are a bed or background of small gemstones.

What are ICED bezels?

ICED bezels add extra bling to the lettering on your bezels with an extra layer of CZs. This upgrade will be offered during the ordering process.


What are rails?

Rails are where the lettering goes on the bezel of your ring. Below are some examples of the most common rails and decorations.

What are side stones?

Side stones are stones that are around the main stone or down the side of the ring. Selecting a side stone will not affect your main stone. You'll be able to select your main stone in another step during the customization/order process. 


What are the divider options?

A divider is a star, dot, cz, diamond, or other symbol that is used on the bezel to show breaks in the wording or for accents. 

If you would like the same divider(s) you see pictured on your bezel, please select "Same Dividers as on the Bezel" for the divider option.











Block Set CZs and Diamonds:


Bowling Pins:

Clover Leaves:


Hockey Sticks:

No Dividers:


Princess Cut:

Roundcut CZs and Diamonds:

Squarecut CZs and Diamonds:

What do you mean by left and right sides?

The "left" side corresponds to the left side of the ring AS THE RING WEARER LOOKS down at the ring. In this case, the wording around the stone is right-side up to the wearer.

What is Silver Lasium?

Silver Lasium is harder than other tarnish-resistant silver metals and more precious than sterling silver. It has a brilliant white luster familiar to sterling silver buyers with added strength from platinum. It is 95% silver and 5% copper and platinum alloy.

What is the difference between natural and antique finish?

Antique finish has a dark background that brings out the polished details. It is the most popular finish. Black antiquing is available for Valadium, Silver Select and white gold only. Brown antiquing is available for Sun-Lite Valadium and yellow gold only. Natural finish is as beautiful as the antique finish, but without the dark background. This option is lovely with more subtle detailing, and it is available on 10k, 14k, and 18k gold.

Which metals are available?

Our military rings are available in Valadium®; Sun-Lite Valadium®; Silver Select®; 10k and 14k white gold; and 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow gold. The yellow gold options are a mixture of gold and alloys of silver, zinc, and copper.

Will the metal tarnish or fade? Will it turn my finger green?

We're happy to say that our collection of stainless steel (Valadium®) and solid gold rings will not tarnish or fade under normal conditions.

What can I put on the ring design?

We offer more fully customized designs than anybody in the industry. We can walk you through the design process and make it very easy. Feel free to email us any ideas and logos you would like incorporated into your ring design, and we can meet with the artist today. If you aren't sure, no problem! Our creative team can go to work for you and put together a design idea for you to consider. Then, you can make the neccessary changes that will perfectly commemorate your championship!

What type of metal do you use? Does it tarnish over time?

We recommend the silver or yellow Lasium metals. They both have the luster and shine of white or yellow gold, and they won't tarnish or scratch. All of our metals carry a full lifetime warranty on every part of the ring. No other company can beat our warranty and resizing guarantee.

Can you do anything other than championship style rings?

We do have other items we can offer. Let us know what you are interested in, and we can try and help you out.

Manufacturing and Shipping Time Questions

When should I expect the ring?

Custom team rings typically take eight to ten weeks for production. There are times when an unforeseen situation happens when crafting some rings. In this situation, please allow up to an additional four weeks. These delays are very rare, but sometimes necessary to make sure the ring is crafted exactly as our customers expect.


Current single ring production times are 12-14 weeks. 

Where can rings be sent?

We're pleased to ship worldwide. Sorry, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes in the U.S.A.

Where are the rings manufactured?

We have manufacturing facilities inside and outside of the United States, just like our competition. We will pair your design with the manufacturing facility that is best equipped to precision craft your specific custom design at the fastest cycle time possible. You can request that the rings be manufactured in the United States if that's important to you.

Metal Descriptions

Silver Lasium

A durable and brilliant white metal alloy at an affordable price. The benefits of Lasium include a metal that does not tarnish, while holding the luster and brilliance of more expensive metals.

Sterling Silver

A bright, brilliant precious metal that will last a lifetime.

White Gold

A fashionable twist on gold, alloyed to be silver or white in color.


Yellow Gold

A classic symbol of beauty and value. Available in every karat amount to meet desired gold color and hardness.

Yellow Lasium

Yellow Lasium - A durable and brilliant metal alloy at an affordable price. Plated with 24k gold.