We promise to provide the highest quality championship rings at the best possible prices, so your entire team can remember this season for years to come. If you don’t love your finished product, you won’t pay a penny.

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Our mission is to combine the craftsmanship of the industry’s heritage with the innovative technologies and designs of the future. When you choose Signature, you are choosing quality precision and excellence offered at an affordable price.

Our Story

Our founder, Chad Beeman, originally worked at one of the largest championship and class ring suppliers in the world. In his time there, he knew there had to be a more affordable way to produce quality crafted rings. He was determined to figure it out, even though the path to get there was not easy.

An initial obstacle was that the skilled craftsmen and goldsmiths who create the highest level of custom rings, work with hundreds of secret techniques that have been passed down through generations. However, timing is everything, and it just so happened that at this exact time one of the largest championship and school ring providers was moving their facilities to another state, leaving hundreds of skilled workers behind. It was the perfect opportunity for Chad’s dream to become a reality. Chad and his team were able to recruit many of the best innovators, 3D design specialists, craftsmen, and goldsmiths that the industry had to offer.  

Right off the bat, Signature was ushered into the industry as a leader in the craftsmanship of championship rings. But, they didn’t stop there. Over the years they have continued to be at the forefront in custom ring innovation. Combining new-age technology and 3D design capability, Signature is committed to offering the highest quality championship rings at the best price.


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